Do Svidanya, Tasya
Summary: A NLM training exercise that ends in one death and two arrests.
Cast: Bremont Dirionis Jantine Lucius Roland Ruin Tasya Urfkgar Volouscheur
Air Date: 2006.08.20

"Landing Bay" <Hancock Station>

This incredible chamber sports almost a square mile of poured plascrete, all watched over by a high communications tower. Most of the ceiling of this chamber is of a lightly buzzing blue energy, allowing ships in and out with a minimum of atmosphere loss. Cheery lighting fixtures line the walls in stark contrast to the otherwise utilitarian nature of the bay. There is a set of double doors near the back of the bay, manned by half a dozen armed New Luna Militia members.

Urfkgar is standing by a cart loaded with a few crates not too far from the Riposte.

Ruin comes back in through the main doors, adjusting a clean jumpsuit as he does so.

Jantine is coming from the Riposte, and heading towards the double doors.

Dirionis looks around as he stands in the landing bay. He looks torwards Ruin. " Whats going on?"

Urfkgar pushes the cart over in the general direction of the marines at the double doors. Once there, he moves to the icom panel behind them.

Hancock Station Intercom Broadcast --------------------------- Urfkgar -- >>>> From the Landing Bay : Train time.

Ruin makes a face at Dirionis. "Sorry. Zangali snot," is his short summary.

Jantine walks over to the double doors and leaves, he passes Ruin and Diri quickly without a word as he leaves.

Dirionis heads towards Urfkgar as he hears those two, sweet words. He stops near the double doors, nodding to a few marines.

Lucius exits from the double doors to the interior of the compound with an abbreviated nod to the troops manning the 'checkpoint'. He glances about, having obviously heard the call for training, and approaches Urfkgar's position with a neutral expression planted on his face.

Urfkgar takes up a position leaning against the wall with the cart with its crates in front of him. He says, "Urf no do train stuff. Talk stupid softskin fliererer."

Ruin smiles a bit and indicates Jantine.

Jantine walks back in with three marines in tow, each is caring some lazer tag gear and Jan is talking on his commlink, as he comes in he is saying into it "...need the landing bay cleared, no ships in or out, except with the Riposte...yes, I'll owe you one...alright, I'll write my own schedule for the next two weeks...but can you do that for me? Alright, good" he puts his commlink away as he finishes.

Urfkgar's one eye shifts in Jantine's direction, and he says, "Say stuff want stupid stuff do stupid softskin." He gestures vaguely towards the militia types assembled on the deck nearby.

Lucius eyes Jantine for a moment as he swings out from behind, the laser tag gear also getting some consideration with a grin. Then he simply pauses to see what the Corporal will say.

Ruin is also waiting.

Jantine points towards the group and says to the three marines "Put the stuff over there" he then walks over with them and begins taking some gear "Everyone, take some gear" he then points to the three marines he brought in and says "You three are with Urf, the rest are coming with me" he then turns to Urf and says "Can you be in charge of the ground team? Have them set up a defensive barricade, made with whatever you want, around the double doors, and hold us back, you can help the three of them if you want to." he says, somewhat queitly.

Urfkgar just nods vaguely to Jantine before he wanders off with the three marines tagging along behind him.

"I've got blanks for my rifle, corporal. Do you have any sensors over there I can put over the barrel?" Asks Lucius simply, gesturing with a gloved hand over to the pile of gear.

Volouscheur makes her way out of the military shuttle, aura glowing green-gold. She blinks as she notices the group and heads towards them, looking curious.

Ruin does as bidden, taking some of the laser tag gear.

Jantine begins straping on his gear and says to Lucius "There should be one or two in there" he finishes with his own gear, grabs a pistol and begins walking towards the Riposte "When you have all your gear, follow me" as he begins to walk he spies 'Scheur, stops and says to her "Just in time, you want to join in on the training?"

Urfkgar and the marines begin to gather up a few cargo lifter loads of shipping crates that get unloaded from Voloscheur's shuttle. They move the crates into position outside the double doors. The Zangali grumbles as he works. The marines remain quiet.

Ruin straps his gear on with a sigh and follows after Jantine.

Lucius nods at the OIC and trots on over to the pile of gear, crouching down next to it and rifling through. In the meantime, his spare hand pops a piece of gum in between his jaws. Finding a small black sensor, he lifts and examines the piece close to his eye for a moment before sticking it in one of his belt's pouches. Finally, he moves to approach one of the small lockers by the side of the room to remove a magazine and quickly begins to pack it with blanks as he falls into step with Jantine.

Dirionis grabs some gear and follows after Jantine, glancing towards Urf and the marines, rather anxious really.

Volouscheur follows after Urf quietly and works on helping move the crates, glancing around quietly.

Urfkgar points the Vollistan in Jantine's direction and says, "Scram stupid tally glowly. No work Urf. Train time. Work stupid softskin."

Jantine walks over to the Riposte, and when he reaches it, goes inside the airlock.

Ruin blinks, nods to himself, and follows.

"Bridge" <IND Riposte>

The bridge before you is cramped, with no natural view of space what so ever. Three consoles are spaced in a triangle, two towards the holographic viewscreen to the fore, and one command console set further behind. However, despite this lack of space, this ship is clearly a military vessel, with clean polished lines, and a look of precision to everything.

Jantine walks over to the Pilot's station and sits down, strapping himself in. He begins to flick a few switches before saying "Can someone clear my flight path? Should be easy enough to do it since we should be the only craft taking off, everyone else, take a console, sit down if there aren't enough."

>> Outside the Ship: Urfkgar moves to lounge behind the barricade with the other marines. They set an assortment of not so lethal weaponry out before them and enter a brief discussion.

Lucius enters the bridge and takes a seat at one the weapons console, saying briefly, "I'm a qualified gunner, not that we'll need one I think." Having finished packing his magazine full of blanks, he slips out the already loaded one from his rifle and slaps that one in. Then, the laser sensor is carefully fitted onto the end of his barrel.

Ruin frowns. "Jan? Why do we fly?"

Volouscheur follows in quietly, looking around and saying nothing for the moment. She heads towards the communicationn console, unless someone else wants to take it.

Dirionis heads in, also heading for the comms console, hitting a button on it. " Riposte to Hancock Control, requesting flight off this station." He waits for an answer as he stands near the console.

Jantine grins a little as the ship comes alive "Gives everyone the feeling of coming off a ship, and gives me some precision flying practice, not easy to land a Kestrel close enough to barricades to give the guys on the ground cover, but we'll only take a short spin around the station, then come back in." there is a crackle as the comm station comes to life "Hancock control to Riposte, clearance granted, logging request" and after a pause "You owe me one Riposte" before Jan takes off.

>> Outside the Ship: The IND Riposte takes off out of the landing bay.

Volouscheur shrugs quietly as Diri takes over the comms console, heading towards a different seat. She's silent as she settles down, aura muting to matte green.

Ruin nods. "Fair enough," he says quietly. "I just wanted to know."

Lucius makes a few cursory checks on the gunnery console but for the most part leaves it alone. He does however secure the chinstrap on his helmet.

Dirionis watches Volouscheur retreat from the console, so shrugs and sits down. He belts himself in and checks over the console.

Jantine takes the Riposte out for a quick spin, to get everyone used to the feel of the craft but then puts her down again in the landing bay "Lets go" he says, already unstrapping himself from his chair.

>> Outside the Ship: The IND Riposte comes in for a landing, making sure to be about medium range from the barricade. It sets down with the ramp facing away from the barricades.

Lucius is on his feet as soon as he feels the revertebration of the landing struts touching down, rifle in one hand as his boots clomp on the deck. "What's the plan?" He asks in passing.

>> Outside the Ship: Urfkgar and the marines are probably crouching down behind the barricade. They're not visible, anyway.

Volouscheur stands and listens quietly, looking around and settling her rifle in one hand.

Dirionis unbelts in an instant, hefting his weapon and securing his gear as he strides over to the middle of the bridge, looking towards Jantine. " Lets do this."

Ruin looks at Diri, and then at Jan. "What, exactly, are we doing?" he asks, softly curious. "Trying to take out Urf's group, or something else?"

>> Outside the Ship: Staying low, that's how Taz heads towards Urf and the barricade. "Nyi fire, nyi fire," she calls out upon approach.

>> Outside the Ship: Half of Urf's head which includes his good eye peeks out around the edge of the barricade. Then, it vanishes from sight once more.

Jantine gets up and takes out his pistol "We're trying to take out Urfs group so we can get into the station, I figure a few of us can go underneath the ship to provide covering fire, while those of us with Pistols can move in closer, sound good to you?" he askes Lucius "You seem to have a good deal of expirience, sergeant"

>> Outside the Ship: Four and a half feet, not much of a target anyway. Marine combat armour? Who needs that? Not Tasya.... Though it's hard to say if they've actually got one small enough for her. She slips around the side of the barracade, and immediately takes a knee. "Is hooping training excercise, da sir?" she rambles to the Zangali. "It I, Sergeant Major Gorbachova, da?"

>> Outside the Ship: "Yup," says Urfkgar who is on his belly behind the barricade. "Train time."

>> Outside the Ship: "Train time," Tasya repeats, as she looks down range. "Plan off attack sir?"

>> Outside the Ship: "Urf no know. Stupid softskins do," says Urfkgar. He risks a brief wave of a hand above the barricade to indicate the Riposte. "No go here. Urf job kill stuff. No go place."

"Assault on the barricade?" Repeats Lucius, mainly for himself. "That's not a bad idea. I'm not a sarge yet though, right now I'm a contractor." He lets out a dry chuckle. He first points at Dirionis, Scheur and Ruin. "You, you, and you are going to be the fire team. When you drop out you need to find some cover and establish surpressing fire on that barricade. Don't waste ammo as this is a simulation, but make sure they've got to keep their heads down. The Corporal and I will move around to flank and assault. Very basic tactic but it's effective."

"Landing Bay" <Hancock Station>

This incredible chamber sports almost a square mile of poured plascrete, all watched over by a high communications tower. Most of the ceiling of this chamber is of a lightly buzzing blue energy, allowing ships in and out with a minimum of atmosphere loss. Cheery lighting fixtures line the walls in stark contrast to the otherwise utilitarian nature of the bay. There is a set of double doors near the back of the bay, manned by half a dozen armed New Luna Militia members.

"Urf no know," says Urfkgar as his head inches towards the edge of the barricade for a quick peek.

Jantine comes bounding out of the Riposte, pistol in hand yelling "Go go go!" as if his boots clanging on the boarding ramp couldn't be heard loud enough. The boarding ramp is facing away from the barricades.

And Taz? She keeps her head down, waiting until the order is given to fire, and not leaving herself in the open just yet. But the DS humming into life, albeit a reduced power level, is a dead give away.

Ruin shakes his head and scoots under the ship as he disembarks, using the ship's landing gear for cover as much as he can.

Coming down from the bottom of the ship instead of the airlock, Lucius moves a few feet until he's next to one of the wide landing struts, and then drops down onto a knee. His rifle is raised up towards the direction of the barricade. "COVERING FIRE!" With a quick hand gesture, he points at Jantine and then motions for him to come towards the Martian. His blue eyes then dart right back to the barricade, and he raises his rifle to fire off a burst of shots. The sound of a round goes off, a blank of course, and his laser sensor goes off to indicate a fire.

Dirionis speeds down the ramp, boots clanging as he gets behind another set of landing gear, under the Riposte, getting low and raising his rifle, all ready to fire. " Supressing fire!" He rings in, a shot aimed towards the barricade.

Volouscheur trots down the ramp and gets herself behind some cover of her own, hiding under the ship and firing a burst of shots over the barricade.

Urf's mom, if he indeed had one, didn't raise no fools. He doesn't bother to peak around the side of the barricade after the firing starts.

Jantine runs over to Lucius, he squeezes off a shot over the barricade before saying "You ready?"

Taz, she must have been friends with Urf's mum, as she continues to remain huckered down behind the barricade. Not in the mood to stop a shot with her head, apparently.

Ruin can't help it, apparently; from behind the landing gear, there's the sound of laughter. He aims anyway, just in case he'll need to discourage heads from popping up.

"Keep your eyes on the objective, because once they hear our boots they'll know we're coming. Be ready to fire on them." Says the Hesperian to Jantine. He flashes his index finger, and then after a second's consideration gets up and begins to sprint towards his right; the barricade's left flank. His objective mainly seems to be a stack of crates in that direction.

Dirionis continues, prone on the ground under the Riposte and behind landing gear as he speaks to Ruin without looking away. "Fire! Don't even let em breathe down there!" Another burst of rounds work as cover fire.

Tasya hears laughing. Tasya is mad. "Which hoopin' idiot laugh on firing line!" the tiny Ungstiri woman bellows out. "Is nyi a joke... I will find hoopin' idiot." In something that doesn't correspond with Marine training, the marine beside her pops his head up and fires towards Jantine. The shot is aimed towards the man's groin.

When the fire from the assault rifle slackens, Urfkgar rolls to his side to fire around the base of the barricade. Another marine rolls to the other side of the barricade to fire. That takes care of both marines behind the barricade, Taz, and Urf. Where the third marine is is still up for debate.

Ruin's laughter stops as Jantine's hit, and opens fire on the barricades - as rapidfire as he can, less to hit and more to discourage.

Volouscheur isn't laughing either. Instead, she tries to pick Taz off, using her aura to blend into the shadows under the ship.

After a brief pause behind cover, Lucius makes a quick sweep of the area to assertain the appearance of anything new. Nothing. A frown tugs at his lips, unconciously, but once the firing has started again he sprints to the next row of crates further to the flank.

The round that 'Scheur fired at the short Sergeant Major wizzes harmlessly over her head. She's small and fast, which could have been a benefit as she pulls her head down behind cover. Tasya quickly changes her position, moving over a bit, as to avoid popping back up in the same place, and attempts to return the favour to the female Vollistan.

Ruin lets the two markswomen get on with their game of tag, and focuses on discouraging anyone else from participating - firing rapid rounds at the edges of the barricades.

Dirionis aims towards Urfkgar as he rolls, a bigger target than others, firing his rifle in a burst, staying prone to steady his aim.

The Zangali technically dies until he turns off his harness. As Lucius moves around the flank, the Zangali tracks the Martian's progress with his good eye. While he keeps the rifle pointed in the guy's general direction, he doesn't fire. The marine on the other side of the barricade squeezes off quick, mostly ineffective shots before rolling back behind cover and rolling out to do it again. He tries to establish no real pattern, but one develops anyway which seems to be long exposed, short hide, short exposure, long hide. The illusive third marine is still, presumably, somewhere.

Lucius notices the fire getting more personal and actually aimed, which means that hopefully his presence will go unnoticed for the moment. Yet he continues to move about at a low crouch run, pausing behind the last series of crates. In front of these is the key to his maneuver - the side of the barricade.

Volouscheur manages to dodge Taz's shot, rolling to one side and firing at the Ungstiri again.

Getting warmer, that's certainly what 'Scheurs shoots are doing, as this next one hits the barricade. The Sargent Major, unlike the Zangali, doesn't worry about her earlier sequence like before. Instead squeezing off a round, and then dropping behind it once more.

There's a barricade with a Zangali, two marines, and Taz behind it. Everyone else is out on the deck. Lucius is flanking, Vol is under the Riposte, Diri is firing from the prone, Ruin is doing suppressive fire.

Roland steps into the landing bay, pausing a few meters from the entrance. "Marines," he hisses, a characteristic frown spreading across his face as he begins to watch the training exercise. "Think they'd find a better damned place t'play grabass than the goddamn hangar." Almost subconsciously, the Lunite pats his pistol holster to reassure the weapon is there. "It's not like they don't have plenty of room to do it. Elsewhere," he grumbles.

Ruin hmm's to himself. He fires shots at Urf's group, on the offchance he'll hit one while he's visible, but he's starting to look around for other defenders.

Volouscheur rolls to the side again, dodging Taz's shot easily. Once she's back into position, Scheur fires at one of the other marines behind the barricade, lips a flat line.

Ruin spots a third guy peering around a pile of crates on opposite side of the barricade that Lucius is flanking around on.

Dirionis is shot in his right arm, harness seizing up as he yields fire a moment. He carefully takes aim, now handicapped, firing at the pesky rolling marine at the barriacades.

The rolling marine manages to roll his way right ouf of Dirionis's sights and avoid being shot. He doesn't bother to return fire for the moment, hunkering down behind the cover provided by the barricade. The Zangali keeps right on watching Lucius.

From his current position it is easy for Lucius to accomplish what he needs to. He shifts to his right where there is only one crate as opposed to the two on his left and raises his rifle to his shoulder, rail mounted sight to his eye. Planning for his arc of fire he lets three shots rip towards the diminutive Ungstiri and her marine friend. Once he's fired his three blanks and his sensor's gone off, he pops right back behind the crates.

The doors leading to the lobby open for a small group of people that include Bremont. Bremont herself is in the rear of the group as they all step out into the landing bay. Every member of the group is dressed in the same way as Bremont and a few members of the group head immediately for a nearby shuttle. The woman scans over the hangar silently, observing what she can of the 'exercise' from her position.

The Ungstir spends a moment concealed, convercing with one of the Marines. The seem to be debating something for a moment, and there's an exchange of some very rash Mierznykovy. This allows Lucius to successfully come around the flank of them, and nail Taz in the back with two 'shots' and the Marine with the other. There comes more exchange between Taz and the Marine, still in Mierznykovy just quietly for the time being. But those with some knowledge of the language, they'd notice something being said about 'weapons being pointed in the wrong direction.'

Volouscheur fires a series of shots over the barricade, watching silently from her position.

Bremont adjusts her commlink.

Dirionis also fires a round of shots at the barricade, covering fire for Lucius being presented.

Mr. Sneaky isn't so sneaky now that people are looking for him. Lucius spots him as well.

Ruin shakes his head, irritated at something. He takes broad aim at the hidden marine's cover and fires, shouting, "Diri! Scheur! One over there!" before backing up, looking to use the Riposte's boarding ramp for cover.

Roland crosses his arms lazily, finding a wall to rest against as the exercise continues.

Volouscheur aims in the direction that Ruin's firing in, although - since she hasn't spotted Sir Sneaks-a-Lot - she isn't really trying to hit him. This is just more cover fire.

Bremont reaches down and retrieves the commlink of her belt. She fiddles with a few of the settings, trying to see if she can find out anymore on what is going by whats going on over the commlink. The commlink comes alive after some tinkering and Bremont in response moves further out of the way as she returns to the group she was with prior to investigating what is going on. The entire group has stopped not too far from the shuttle, watching the ongoings as well. Except for the leader of the group who has already made his way onto the shuttle.

Bremont adjusts her commlink.

In Mierznykovy: "I told you to remove that ammunition from the chamber!," Tasya barks at the other man as she slower stands, her eyes fixing on the weapon that other man holds. "That is a direct order, da?" The Marine that she's rousting at, well he doesn't do what ever she was resting him to do, rather giving him a dark glare.

Dirionis repositions himself in cover, prone, re-adjusting his grip on the gun with his locked in right arm.

The marine goes down under the whithering fire from the Vollistan and the support from Ruin. Mr. Rolling Rock ignores Taz and the 'dead' marine behind the barricade as he tries to fire at Lucius.

"Cover your left flank!" Yells Lucius as he pops his head out for less than a second; that second is evidently a mistake, as he's fired on and does his best to dodge. Unfortunately, he is slower on his feet than the range permits and he's tagged, once, twice, three times. He goes down in good humour; a grin on his face and a thumbs up for his attacker.

The marine grins back at Lucius before he pops up to his feet and rushes towards the Riposte, firing wildly and yelling, "Charge! Fix baayooonets!"

Dirionis is already ready, considering he didn't fire on Mr. Sneaky. He aims at the charging marine and fires a burst of rounds at him, still prone behind cover.

Volouscheur grins as she gets Sir Sneaks-a-Lot and then peers at the charging marine. She fires a burst of rounds at him, still hidden under the Riposte.

The marine laughs as she goes down in a dramatic, heart clenching death scene.

"This is your final warning," Tasya warns the Marine, that's ignoring her command. The mock combat around her doesn't worry her. "Remove those live rounds or you shall be on report, da?" She then takes a step away from the man, and puts her hand out. "Give me that weapon...That is an order!" The other marine laughs, and then slowly rises to his feet.

Ruin all but freezes in his place, where the boarding ramp serves as his cover. Watching Taz and the marine she's barking at, he slowly draws his other pistol and takes very, very careful aim. The hand holding the laser pistol moves in the points of the sign of the cross.

Despite being near the marine and Taz, the Zangali seems pretty much oblivious as he stands. The other marine, Mr. Sneaky, heads over towards the lone charger, laughing.

Volouscheur aims for the standing marine as well, although she keeps an eye on Mr. Sneaky.

Lucius pushes himself up onto the crate he fired over previously so that he can get a good look of the 'action'. His legs dangle over the side, amused expression rife on his features.

Roland hasn't moved from his position, and seem content to watch the marines debrief after the exercise.

"Put that weapon down," Tasya says, almost pleading the other man to do so.

It looks like the final warning doesn't matter to this Marine, as he brings up the PAR to his shoulder. But the weapon's trigger is squeezed.

The distinct sound of a PAR calls out in the hanger, three shots that weren't intented for training purposes. Those three shots strike Tasya. One in the chest, one in the throat, and one in the top of the head, managing to 'brain pan' the Ungstiri woman. Ruin's movement of the pistol, well that isn't noticed, as Tasya hits the ground. Her chest isn't moving by the time she hits the ground. The man seems to hesitate on himself as he notices what he's, before turning the PAR back onto himself. "'Ell ma m'sorry." And squeezes the trigger.

"Bremont." states the man as he decends half-way down the ramp leading up to the shuttle. Unknown to Bremont, the rest of the group had already moved into the shuttle's interior. The man gives his head a shake and heads down the rest of the ramp to collect Bremont who in the meantime has been watching the 'action' intently, her face neutral to the turn of events. The man behind her now goes silent as well as -he- now turns his attention to hangar.

Ruin has eviently said 'screw it' to playing this game any longer, and bolts toward where Taz has fallen. The second pistol, the real one, slides back into its holster as he runs.

Volouscheur freezes as the shots ring out. Her aura flares a bright, bright white and she drops her weapon, scrambling out from under the Riposte and heading for Tasya, aura already darkening to a stormy gray.

"Oh hell," Roland breathes, almost to soft to hear, as he watches the Sergeant Major fall. Almost instantaneously, his pistol appears in his hand to have a power cell quickly slapped into it. The capacitor whines to life, but the pilot lowers the weapon to point at the ground as the situation seems to 'resolve' itself. Keeping the weapon in a safe location, he begins to move towards the scene of the accident. "Anyone hurt?" he shouts.

Lucius, on the other hand, drops his rifle where it is but withdraws his beefy slugthrower pistol and moving in an orderly but quick fashion with the gun ready to be raised. He is dead serious now, but does not move for Tasya - instead, her attacker. Lucius walks towards to make sure he's dead.

The Zangali looks over in time to see the marine fall. He steps over, checks both for a pulse and simply puts the safety on the weapon if he doesn't find any. The two laughing marines get up, looking concerned as Ruin hustles past them. They go over as well following the engineer.

Dirionis gets up and sprints towards Tasya and the marine on the ground, reaching for his double shot pistol as well. " What the hell!??!"

The leader of Bremont's group keeps his silence as he pushes past Bremont and heads for the growing crowd. Bremont falls in stride with the officer as they both head over towards the center of the crowd. A few others from Bremont's group have decended from the shuttle to investigate the delay in their departure.

The smell of burnt flesh and ozone... Could be interesting if it smelt like roses, but alas, it doesn't. The Marine that turned the weapon on himself, did fire, and that pulse round struck the lower part of his brain before exiting the back of his head. If he's going to survive, he's most likley going to end up on life support for the rest of his life and bed ridden... If he's lucky to survive. Tasya, on the other hand, she's dead as a dodo. Urf would find no pulse, as the pulse round would passed through her heart. The shot to the throat, would have sealed it up preventing the former living Ungstiri from drawing a breath. And the round she stopped to the head, that would have sealed the deal, especially as how now her brain's are exposed for everyone to see.

"Ye Gods." Lucius says upon spotting the still living marine. Nothing he hasn't seen before, but that still doesn't really mean anything when you're staring down at someone's exposed brain. Something in Lucius almost wants to make him draw bead on the man, but he refrains, slipping his pistol back into its holster. "He's still alive." Says the Martian after checking pulse.

Ruin does not give her attacker that chance. Once he's close enough to verify the man isn't dead, he finishes it with a quick draw of his pistol, jammed into the man's chest with the trigger pulled. He's crying - not heavily, but visibly and silently, as he turns his attention to Tasya's body.

As it becomes clear that all the shooting is done, Roland pops the power cell out of the pistol, and both the weapon and ammunition are returned to their original positions. His eyes search the assembled persons, and settle on Urfkgar. His gaze becomes blazingly accusing as he watches what the large Zangali does next.

Volouscheur slows once she sees how bad it is, the Vollistan answering Roland flatly, ~Tasya's dead. The bastard who killed her isn't.~ She sinks to her knees, a shell of unrelieved black surrounding her as tears flow down her cheeks.

The large lizard doesn't pay Roland too much attention as he examines the marine's weapon. If he takes any note of Ruin shooting the downed marine, he doesn't bother to comment.

Dirionis looks down towards Tasya, eyes lowered as he clenches his fist and holsters his pistol. " Damn it...Damn it!" He looks away a moment, then back to the scene..." This didn't happen." He speaks.

~ Volouscheur sends: Yesitdidyesitdidyesitdid. *a grief-laden wail that's almost more emotion than words* ~

Lucius narrows his eyes at the Lunite engineer and stomps his way over to him, attempting to grab him by his jumpsuit's material. "What the fuck was that, Private?" Comes the boom of his voice. "That wasn't your decision to make. You must be torn the fuck up and I can empathize but that shit is unacceptable." Then his grip slackens. "Don't do it again." He says, cryptically. Not like there's anything that he can really do.

"Military Police!" announces the man beside Bremont as he arrives in a sprint. "Everyone, back away!" He barks as he puches his way to the middle where the bodies lay. The man shoots a glare back towards Bremont to see if she followed him into the center. Bremont did follow her officer into the fray and her heads reach for the commlink in which she had just turned on by chance a few moments earlier. "Emergency in the landing bay code...a code blue!" Bremont stammers into the commlink as she rejoins her superior. The rest of the MP have broke onto into sprints to catch up with hte officer and Bremont.

The Zangali looks up briefly from the weapon, handing it over to the MP and says, "Stuff killeded stuff. All stuff killeded stuff. Killeded. Stuff do stuff need do. Say stuff stupid softskin boss need hear. Urf go."

"He's dead now," Ruin tells Scheur in a flat, broken tone. If he's aware he's crying, he gives no sign, nor does he give any sign of being affected by Scheur's outburst or to being grabbed. When he's released, he bends and touches the first two fingers of his right hand to what's left of Tasya's forehead, then each shoulder, then chest, apparently oblivious to the physical wounds. "Dos vidanya, Tasya." He gets to his feet and then acknowledges Lucius. "Do what you have to."

Roland shakes an accusing finger at Urfkgar. "Things like this happen when yah remain blithely unwillin' to implement proper safety procedures," he seethes. "I knew this would happen, but I am not happy to be vindicated. Not one goddamn bit." He spins on his heels to approach the marine he's been informed is not yet dead, only to see that Ruin has finished the job. His face turns bright crimson as he opens his mouth to shout while his finger finds a new victim to point at with accusations. He closes it as Lucius steps in to take care of the situation, but it takes obvious effort. He takes a step towards Ruin, holding out a hand. "Private. Your sidearm. Now," he commands, forcing each syllable to be distinct.

The Vollistan seems near catatonic, but after several long moments she notices the presence of the MP. She backs off as much as she can, still on her knees - and then Scheur returns her attention to Tasya's remains, blackened aura edged with painful white, tears flowing freely. She glances at Ruin and then at Roland, an overlay of bloody red washing over her at Roland's words.

Ruin does not resist or protest, but only hands Roland his weapon without comment.

Dirionis seems in shock, looking from Ruin to Tasya, he just shakes his head, putting a hand on his forehead as he backs up.

"Course nobody understands their language." Lucius says, shaking his head at Tasya's corpse. He had met the soldier, but did not know her well, yet a corpse is a corpse. The Martian moves back to grab his rifle and take off the sensor, harness and blank ammo. This gear is returned to the locker; afterwards Lucius proceeds to the door where he lingers.

Taking a pair of restraints off her belt, the MP in charge makes his way towards Ruin. One hand grabs the restraints while the other rests on his sidearm. "Thats as the Sergeant says and then place your hands behind your head.," the MP utters calmly as he continues to make his way over towards Ruin. Bremont meanwhile has turned herself towards the crowd. "Make room for the medics!" She almost screams as she tries to wave those assembled back. The other MPs arrive and do the same as Bremont.

Ignoring the MPs, Urfkgar walks over to Roland, glowering down at the man with his good eye. The few spines that line the top of his head capable of standing rustle, and the membrane on his glowering eye begins to blink. He says, "Stupid softskin say morerer stupid stuff. Urf bash stupid softskin. Stupid softskin hear Urf. Stupid softskin no talk. Urf scram. Stupid softskin talk. Urf bash."

Dirionis peers through the wall of MPs as he gives Tasya a last salute. " You taught me to be a soldier, ma'am...Formed me from a hoopin' tourist...I'll never forget it."

Ruin does not resist the orders or the restraints, but he's neither limp nor, apparently, numb. The look he gives Dirionis is withering, through his tears.

Volouscheur doesn't move back. But neither does she try to hinder the medics. She just...sits. And weeps. Since Urf is dealing with Roland, the Vollistan ignores him as she does everyone else. Instead, she gives Tasya a final salute and then seems to crumple in on herself, hiding her face in her hands.

"Son," Roland starts, "what you just did could get you executed. You might get away with it, but don't think I won't be watchin' a damn fool like yah from now on." He stares up at Urfkgar as he takes the pistol from Ruin. After a long moment, he removes the power cell from the weapon. "If yah think that yah can go ahead and fuckin' 'bash' me for no fuckin' reason in front of a bunch of MPs, then why don't yah do it yah oversized fuck-up."

Lucius mutters something under his breath in Latin as the Sergeant and Chief appear to be getting into some sort of conflict. A little bit louder, he says, "So much for professionalism."

The medics arrives through the doors with some more MPs not too far behind. The MPs sprint ahead to clear a path for the medics while the medics simply try to assess what is going on and if they can even do anything. The head MP pulls Ruin's arms back and attaches the restraints before turing his attention towards the Urf and Roland situation. "Bremont, get your ass over here and take care of this." He pushes towards the arguing pair and first calls out to the Sergeant. "Sergeant, back away and let us handle this." He can utter nothing else as he has a angry Zangali to deal with. "Chief Warrant Officer Urkgar, please calm yourself and let us take care of this situation." He attempts. Bremont simply turns to do exactly what her superior says.

Professionalism doesn't seem to be on the Zangali's mind as he pulls a fist back. The fist begins an arc towards Roland, but Urfkgar doesn't bother to bring it all the way around opting instead to try to kick Roland's legs out from under him. His eye membrane is flickering rapidly, and the pitiful few quasi-intact spines along his head are standing up. He doesn't seem to notice the MPs, Lucius, or anyone else at all.

~You interrupt our grieving with your bullying, and you're pissing him off. What more reason does he need?~ If Scheur were able to speak aloud, the words would be in a flat monotone. Since she's only able to use telepathy alone, however, the words carry every ounce of emotion that the Vollistan feels. Grief, rage, horror, pain - all of it is carried with the words, Scheur neither trying to keep her feelings muted for the sakes of those on the recieving end, nor even looking up to send the message. She stays huddled in her little heap, weeping.

Roland buys the feint totally, and may have been able to avoid the blow were it not for the fact that the actual goal is to knock him down - which succeeds. His ass hits the floor, followed by his head. Ruin's pistol, which the pilot had the foresight to disarm, goes spinning across the deck. The Sergeant lies on the ground dazed for a moment, the Vollistan's shockwave of emotion not helping him gather his senses in a timely matter. He slowly clambers to his feet, shaking his head. An angry glares is directed towards Scheur, but the Lunite holds himself to a muttered comment that is unintelligible - probably for everyone's benefit.

"Sir," says Ruin flatly to Roland, "If you're going to watch me, then for your own sake please get on with it. The Warrant Officer will make hash of you in close combat."

Lucius doesn't look particularly enthused at the fact that Urf has just knocked down Roland. Being on the sidelines, though, Lucius simply fishes in his pocket for a pack of smokes, long forgotten about until now, to fish one out. He sticks it between his lips and lights the death stick up.

The MP in charge reaches for his stunstick and collapses the instrument out to its full length. A slight crackle can be heard as the the stunstick activates as he can't back down from his duty. The stunstick equipped MP keeps the weapon facing downwards as he attempts to push between the Zangali and fallen Roland. "Urfkgar, sir, halt!" The man tries again. Meanwhile, the medics try to do what they can in the congested area, but that is not much at all. Bremont and a group of MPs all obey their superior's order. "Take him," Bremont states quickly to another MP as they all arrive at the scene of the fight. The MP obliges and moves to cart Ruin off and far out of the way. The rest of the MPs now move to back up their superior with a few of them drawing stunsticks as well, putting as many bodies as they can inbetween the Zangali and the Sergeant. The MPs that don't follow do what they can to disperse the crowd as more people arrive.

The Vollistan doesn't seem to notice Roland's glare. But then, Scheur doesn't seem to be paying attention to anything, still huddled in her little black-lit, weeping heap.

Well, the Zangali was ignoring pretty much everything around him up until the MPs got between himself and Roland. Now, the enraged lizard wordlessly snaps a jab out in the direction of the nearest military police type.

Roland growls as Urf attempts to attack the nearest military police officer. "Wonderful. Marines can't decide between homicidal aggression and weepin' all over the place. Must be doin' a damn fine job." The Sergeant pulls out his pistol again, but has yet to load it. "Chief Warrant Officer, yah are signin' yah discharge, but I swear to the Lord above - you hurt someone..." He leaves the rest unsaid.

In the way of the incoming blow, Bremont reacts to the threat. She simply ducks and moves out of the way of the Zangali's fist, a raised block protecting her movement. The rest of the MPs except the head now converge on the Zangali, forming a small semi-circle around the Zangali with stun sticks raised. The head MP now turns and faces the Sergeant. "Sergeant, back away now or you will interfering with our duty." The head MP warns before turning to face the Zangali with his stunstick now raised. "Urfkgar, this is your last chance! Cease this foolishness at once!"

Urfkgar doesn't bother to go for his knife. Instead, he steps up and takes a swing at a whichever MP he gets too first, snarling as he tries to break through the circle and get to Roland.

~We grieve. I have told you already, you anger him and you interfere with our grieving,~ comes Scheur's answer. Again, it carries the grief, the anger, and the pain that she feels - although she seems somewhat more self-aware now than before, and she's pulling her punches at least a little now. To Urf, the Vollistan almost begs, ~Stand down, Chief. It serves no one any good if you are discharged for bashing him. I feel the same way - but this is not the time to deal with him.~

Roland backs away from the crowd of MPs, content to let them do the fighting for the time being. As Urf continues fighting, the Sergeant loads his pistol as a precautionary measure - he certainly won't be able to beat the Chief Warrant Officer in hand-to-hand. He's finally taking a hint, though, and keeps his mouth shut for the time being. He castes look of distaste towards the Vollistan, obviously more annoyed with the woman's logic than caring about her message. His attention is not to be distracted from the rampaging Zangali for long, though, and he returns to watching Urf.

The Zangali's mighty swat knocks the MP out of the way and into the MP he was standing beside. This action takes both of MPs out of commission for now and makes a hole in the MP semi-circle. Bremont races towards the Zangali yelling "Chief, stop!" as she attempt to get herself inbetween Roland and the charging 650 pound steamroller. The only MP left directly in the path of Zangali is the head MP who stopped to address the Sergeant. He moves forward and swings his stunstick towards the Zangali in hopes that he will slow him down so the other MPs can catch up. "Take the Zangali down!" he shouts to the rest of the men as he advances. The semi-circle MPs now all converge towards the Zangali with the last of the MPs quitting their crowd control duty and brandishing their sidearms, both stun guns. These final MPs move to get in range of the Zangali to add to this mess.

Sticking his hand out, Urfkgar tries to stiff arm the head MP and move past him on his mad charge in the direction of Roland.

~Stop, Chief,~ adds Scheur. ~Bashing the stupid softskin pilot won't make things better!~ The Vollistan is still ignoring Roland, asides from the two times she's addressed him. Heck, she still hasn't looked up from her lap.

Roland's pistol snaps up to aim at the Chief Warrant Officer as he begins to trot backwards to get as much space between himself as the Zangali as humanly possible. Something as large as Urfkgar could be very detrimental to his health. He still remains quiet, but seems ready to defend himself with whatever force necessary.

The head MP grunts as his swinging arm is batted aside by the Zangali. Desperate now. the MP lunges after the Zangali's legs in a feeble leap to again try to slow the Zangali. "Fire your damned stun guns!" He grunts to the rest of the MPs as his stunstick is dropped to the floor.

Bremont makes her move as well, attempting to place a kick low to Urfkgar's leg in any attempt to slow the beast since overpowering him is not an option.

The rest of the MP's do what they can...some running to help with stun sticks while others aim their stun guns towards the Zangali.

Volouscheur doesn't even try to interfere any further, remaining huddled in her heap. She's finally stopped weeping, and she looks up as the stun guns are aimed.

The Zangali gets hit in the back of his weight bearing knee by the lead MP. Falling, he gets hit by Bremont in the other leg which prevents any chance at all of him staying on his feet. Crashing to the deck, he's shot in the back by the MP with the stun gun, and he's finally down for the count.

Roland lowers his pistol with an obvious sigh of relief. He removes the power cell, and holsters the weapon for the second time in a few minutes. "Thanks," he tells the MPs, moving in their direction. "I assume I'm gonna be detained for questionin'?"

Having watched the crowd of MPs try to take down the massive Zangali and also having smoked two cigarettes (where does the time go?), Lucius simply shakes his head. "Hope they don't lose their officer over this incident."

The head MP simply moves up and flops himself down on the fallen Zangali. "Get me some more restraints!" He yells as he attaches one restraint to Urf's left hand. He says nothing else as he waits for compliance by his men.

Bremont takes a restraint from her belt and attaches it to the other hand before locking the two restraints together with combined effort from the head MP.

The rest of the MPs gather around the fallen Zangali wordless with one of them moving to Roland. "Of course, come with me." She states as she slowly regains her breath and motions for the lobby.

Roland nods to the MP. "Of course." He obeys the policewoman dutifully as she takes him away.

And Volouscheur? Scheur very slowly gets to her feet. Once standing, she looks towards Bremont, ~Can I go? Or do I need to be questioned too?~ She's pulling her punches much better now - but she doesn't try to hide the grief she's feeling.

Lucius turns about to move for the exit, and a waiting bed in the barracks.

Bremont, looking absolutely exhausted with her task at hand and all the tasks involved with cleaning this up, simply glances back at Scheur. "I'll....We'll come to question you once this is all finished." All she can now do is offer a faint nod before looking back to her superior.

The head MP rises to his feet and points towards a cargo team who has been standing in awe of this whole event. "Get that cargo loader over here, we got a 650 pound Zangali to move it before he wakes up and finds himself in restraints!" He barks as he lowers his gaze on the lizard.

The rest of the MPs simply move out to take questions, move people out, and assist with the clean up.

The Vollistan hangs around until she's either questioned or told to move off. Assuming she's just told to leave, she'll head to the shuttle back to New Luna; Scheur does not want to be here right now, it seems. But her residence is in her records, so if they want to hunt her down there and question her later.

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