Location Alpha Leonis A system
Coordinates X: -2500007
Y: -691620
Z: -60600
Climate Arid the some temperate zones.
Terrain  ?
Population Approx. ?
Government and Economy
Government Sivadian Colonial Government
Currency yojj-sterling
Gross World Product (GWP)  ?

Deserata is located in the Alpha Leonis A system. A dusty-looking planet that seems to be composed largely of rocky mountain ranges and expansive stretches of desert, broken by occasional rivers and one large greenish-blue sea. While not a true desert planet, Deserata's climate exhibits many of qualities of a dry and arid environment.

The stretches of flat rocky terrain are split by a series of rivers, running from the planet's several mountain ranges to the planet's single small sea.

Micro-climates transition from treeline to tundra to desert as one moves down in elevation. The planet has four seasons, though they are most distinct on the mid-altitude mountain slopes. The native life is limited to small mammals, reptiles and invertebrates.

Deserata, however, sports two distinct nodes of humanoid habitation. One is the size of a small city, the other the size of an extended colonial foothold.

Relatively undeveloped, Deserata is rich in mineral resources, with a high concentration of heavy and rare metals. Salts and akalids are readily available in the desert epanses while more valuable mineral strikes can be found in its mountain ranges.

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