Crest of the Sivadian Department of Health.

The Department of Health is the Sivadian government department responsible for Sivad's health policy, including public health, food and drug safety, biotechnology, hospitals and the Sivadian National Health System — Sivad's public healthcare system.

History Edit

The Department of Health was founded in 2810, shortly after Sivadian independence from the Nall. Over time, as Sivad's biotechnology industry grew, the Department did as well. Up until 3001, the Department of Health also had responsibility for Specialists before the Ministry of Specialist Affairs was created.

Organization Edit

The head of the department is the Minister for Health. The current minister is Geoffrey Cruyer. The department also has a Chief Medical Officer, who is the chief medical advisor to the government of Sivad. The department includes several health-related agencies:

  • Sivadian National Health System: Sivad's public health insurance system, which also operates Sivad's public hospitals. All Sivadians and, to a limited extent, Sivadian Specialists are entitled to public healthcare.
  • Sivadian Institutes for Health: A network of medical and genetic research institutions funded by the government.
  • Public Health Service: The commissioned corps of the Department of Health. The Public Health Service is a uniformed service responsible for promoting public health on Sivad and throughout the Orion Arm, especially in the areas of communicable diseases, natural disaster response and biological counterterrorism.

OOC opportunities Edit

Periodically, the Department of Health may recruit players for certain tasks. Check the Recruiting board on OtherSpace for more information. Existing players who are health professionals may be interested in joining the Public Health Service as reservists.

External links Edit

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