In 2350, after a misunderstanding, a Zangali warrior named Uboth Yolbrom murdered the Demarian ambassador, Tuftear Footlander, on Mars. After word reached Demaria of this travesty, the Demarians executed the Zangali ambassador, Tkolgroth Ropahan, and launched a war fleet led by the Bright Blade, bound for Mars. In 2360, mankind and the Lunites found themselves caught in the middle of the war. Transports between Earth and Luna en route to Ganymede and Mars found themselves targeted for attacks - inadvertantly, diplomats insisted - by both sides. In 2364, Consortium President Guillermo Fiorenz brokered peace between the warring races, requiring that they make financial reparations to each other, and to the Consortium, for damages inflicted during the war. This became known as the Treaty of Torricelli, named after the Ganymedean city where it was signed.

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