The Demarian Militia is currently taking in an intake and looking for eager recruits for its ranks, or old hands wishing to return to active service or even become a reservist.

Positions exist in a variety of ground base and pilot positions.

  • Infantry
  • Marines
  • Light armoured
  • Pilot
  • Helmsman
  • Engineering

As well as many more exciting employment opportunities. The Demarian Militia does require a medical check for all parties wishing to join and the amount of training differs from occupation to occupation.

Please note that the Demarian Militia is an equal opportunity employer that recruits from the Demarian population.

NOTES: After 30 days of active role playing activity (IE: Not idling constantly in the OOC Nexus when RP is available or idling on the grid in the same situation), new DM characters will be eligible for an additional XP bonus. This applies to both old and new players who create a character in the Demarian Militia.

A five man fire team (all pre-gen characters) will soon be announced.

For further information, contact Colchek or Keller.

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