Location Binary star system of Demar
Coordinates X: -2500000
Y: -2500000
Z: -2500000
Satellites 9
Climate Temperate
Terrain Desert, Mountain, Jungle
Population About 10,000
Government and Economy
Government In Transition
Currency Demar
Gross World Product (GWP) none

The Demarian homeworld has suffered much since its days of glory in ancient times, when its inspirational leader, Altheor, led a gutsy assault against the invading Clawed Fist Fleet of the Parallax.

The drastic decline for the once noble planet started in 2651 with the Kretonian Invasion. Great cities such as Alhira were obliterated and those inhabitants who didn't die, enter cryogenic sleep to await a future rebellion, or flee with the B'hiri to the distant world of Pansheera ended up as slaves in mines.

By the time Sanctuary returned in 3000 from its voyage out of time in Hiverspace, Demarians were virtually extinct. Only those who traveled aboard Sanctuary remained to settle and rebuild amidst the ruins on Demaria.

Culture Clash

New Alhira

Gleaming Star

The Time of Madness: ATRV and the Fall of the Imperator

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