Built in Greenville, New Luna in 3002 on the site of the old town hall, it was formed by two popular Greenville families, the Carters and the Millers. It was the Mountaintop Tavern until 3003, when Carl Miller caught the largest Washingtonfish on record, at 381 inches long and over 16,000 pounds. It was then that they had the fish stuffed (selling the meat to Paul's Chowderhouse) and mounted on the back wall, changing the name to the Dead Fish Tavern. Over the years, the bar has gotten more eccentric in regards to the fish, celebrating its birthday (November 25th), and dressing it in a new hat for every day of the year.

It is equipped with a DJ booth, a stage for a band, and a holographic kareoke machine, as well as a large dance floor, and music of one kind or another is playing at all hours of the day. Its range of liquors range from the new New Lunite home brands to many old favorites, and serves various baked goods as well.

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