The Dasher II is an all-around upgrade on the earlier Transport vessel, supporting better manueverability and acceleration, the D2 is the fastest off-the-shelf passenger transport available. Often modified versions of the vessel are used as personal runaround ships or smuggling. The Dasher's high speed, decent maneuverability and acceleration also sees these vessels converted into fighter-escort ships for pirate groups. With only a small cargo hold available, smugglers tend to use them for low weight, high cost illegal items. The IND Saviour's Haste, the TSS Lupercalia and the IND High Roller are examples of this class.

- Tanya's All Worlds Starship Database --------------------------------------
  DasherII Class Specifications                                              
Ship Type:     Civspec Passenger Transport
Ship Cost:     102,564 Credits
- Ship Statistics -----------------------------------------------------------
Computer Rating           Mediocre       MKIII Microframe     
Sensor Rating             Mediocre       Series 3 Longscan    
Reliability               Good           Level 5 Repair Suite 
Maximum Speed             Superb         MkVII Insystem Drive 
Acceleration              Great          MKVI Primary Thrusters 
Maneuverability           Good           Type 5 Multi-thruster Pack 
Ship Size                 Mediocre       Small                
Power Plant               Mediocre       Type 3 Fusion Reactor
- Ship Equipment ------------------------------------------------------------
Cargo Hold                Poor           Compact 20K Backbay  
Armor                     Poor           2CM Hullsteel       

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