DragonBall X

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It has been two millennium since the faded memories of the Z Fighters have been forgotten. The galaxy and the universe continued to expand territories and factions. Evil Leaders with armies amassed battled against the righteous templars and even against their own evil empires in struggle for power. Life on earth continued as it had, until all that had befell the seemingly unlucky planet its' ending would be brought down by a cataclysm from the sky. The fire rained from the sky in the form of a rogue comet, the deeds and names of events and accomplishments faded into the distant Galaxy Mythos. On the other side on the galaxy and universe, A once abandoned Space Station which orbits a Dyson sphere has become the hub of activity, filled with all the races and species.

New Features:

  • Custom Combat System
  • Job System
  • Housing/Rent System
  • Variety of Senzu Beans
  • Custom Skill System
  • Weapon/Armor Enhancements
  • New "Fly" Only Areas
  • Counter/Interruption Combat Enhancement
  • Even if you don't like DBZ, We have something to offer.

We borrow only the physics and universe, not the canon.

This MUD appeared to be ACTIVE at last check. Not active and hasn't been for a long time.