The Coreseeker Missile is a weapon of Nall design. Its sole purpose is to be fired into a planet, penetrating to the core where it delivers its explosive payload. The resulting detonation rips the world apart from within, leaving nothing but a field of debris in its place. This was the fate of Youngster, now known as Ungstir.

Despite its ghastly effects, the Nall have no moral conflicts against deploying it when they need to.

One incident did prove that the Coreseeker can be used in ways other than destroying planets. Through black market transactions, the Solar Consortium, shortly after the Moebius Effect, was able to acquire some of these devices. Colin Neidermeyer, in his bid to defeat a much larger and better equipped enemy, namely the Maltarians, fired one into their fleet during the battle of Ganymede. The explosion rippled through the fleet destroying and fatally wounding a score of vessels. This act marked the first intership combat deployment of the weapon.

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