VFA 111 "Claymore Squadron"Edit

VFA 111, or "Claymore Squadron" as it's called in the Militia, is Hancock Station's strike fighter squadron and the backbone of its Space Wing. Comprised of Ungstiri made, Jackhammer-class strike fighters, VFA 111 is one of the most modern fighter squadrons in the known universe. Its inaugural craft were commissioned in Summer 3006 on the initiative of Brigadier General Jeffrey Alexander Ryan.

The New Luna Militia being a small organization, VFA 111 only has one flight of five craft, led by Sergeant James Rukais.

First FlightEdit

Claymore Squadron

1st Flight from left to right: Stoner, Lee, Red, Ruk and Jan. Jantine Osligoth is no longer a member.

Commissioned in Summer 3006, VFA 111, 1st Flight is the New Luna Militia's oldest flight of fighter craft. 1st Flight was first tested in 3006 in anti-terror and anti-piracy operations within L49 System.

Trainee PilotsEdit

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