Every month, players on Chiaroscuro cast +votes for each other. When the system cycles, we tally up the numbers and announce the notables. The top roleplayer each month (sometimes it's a tie) gets an RP Reward Points Voucher.

May 2007Edit

Top Roleplayer of the Month: Kael

Superstars: Duhnen Seamel * Sahna Nillu * Meian * Taran * Temple * Celeste Mikin * Tamae Zahir * Alin Mikin * Stowynne * Lucius Nepos * Katriana Nillu * Varal * Alainne * Norran Lomasa * Vhramis * Milora * Greidan

Stars: Amalai * Rayk Nillu * Roxelanna Moonstone * Paelnor Harper * Dirk * Benedict * Kyshen * Marrokamir * Uriel * Keiresa * Rowena * Mikael * Zolor Zahir * Tomassa * Lorkan * Loreilia * Loeden * Alyvia Lomasa * Oren Nillu * Serath Kahar

Telnet: 2003

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