The Centauran implant or teleporter chip is a small device implanted in the head that allows one to to travel instantaneously to and from Centauri via the Centauran teleportation network. It can be installed at facilities on Centauri and Castor; a hefty fee is required of those who are neither Centauran nor Castori. To use the implant, one simply stands at one of the designated locations (usually a spaceport landing pad) and concentrates. Currently, only certain OATO worlds have teleporter stops: Castor, G'ahnlo, La Terre, Odari, Sivad, and Sol Station.

Psionic blockers in the vicinity of the user cause severe headaches and prevent use of the chip. Making more than one teleportation jump within 30 minutes may cause mental instability and permanent brain damage. The network operators can remotely activate or deactivate them from any location, as when someone attempts to commit a crime with one or when someone requires a quick rescue.

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