Welcome to the MUWiki. We're a knowledgebase and community site focused on the realm of online text-based roleplaying games.

What This Site DoesEdit

The MUWiki is intended to give developers a hassle-free location to promote and recruit for their games and share ideas about roleplaying and coded gadgets, and to allow players the means to review games that list here using the Discussion pages for each game's page. Developers and other community members are welcome to respond to commentary regarding their games on those same Discussion pages.

What You Can DoEdit

You can peruse RP logs posted by our users. Read about the various games that post pages here and check out any reviews that may have been submitted about them. Grab code snippets from our library. Read and respond to articles about RP, or submit your own for publication here.

Anyone can create new pages or edit existing ones, but we recommend reading up on Wikia usage before attempting to do so as a novice.


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