[[Image:{{{race_image}}}|125px|Image of a Castori]]
Scientific Name Ursa sapiens
Classification Stubby, empathic Ursinoid
Average Height 4.9' / 150cm
Average Weight 180lbs / 80kg
Average Lifespan 120 Years
Native Language Siniru
Homeworld Castor

Bear-like psionic engineers and scientists, native to the home trees of their heavily forested world. They are fond of sweets, as well as the thrill of the hunt. Inventors of the instantaneous teleportal that makes getting around the known worlds much easier. Once unable to travel on FTL ships due to their sensitive neural makeup, Castori are adorned at an early age with an Akripan crown that fuses with their skull and grows with them. This crown makes it possible for them to travel without trouble on FTL vessels.

Castori must hibernate three months out of the year.

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