The Caravan is a heavy freighter, one of the oldest models in continuous production. Its size, carrying capacity, and sheer toughness explain why Caravans have been coming out of shipyards since 2890, when it emerged as an independent design cobbled together from the husks of destroyed Kretonian warships. Over the years changes to the schematic have been made; the vessel's support structure was quickly pushed outward to the hull, creating vast expanses of empty space to hold cargo; engines have been updated periodically to meet changing efficiency standards; in 3002, the repair suite was outfitted with backup life support and heat management systems.

Though most modern captains looking for a ship choose the newer, quicker, sleeker, larger-capacity Paris-class over the steady Caravan, this old standby's long operating history means that parts are easy to come by, and its empty-hold design makes it easy to modify the deck plan for special-purpose duty. The NLG Masquerade is an example of this.

- Tanya's All Worlds Starship Database --------------------------------------
  Caravan Class Specifications                                               
Ship Type:     Civspec Heavy Freighter
Ship Cost:     317,040 Credits
- Ship Statistics -----------------------------------------------------------
Computer Rating           Mediocre       MKIII Microframe     
Sensor Rating             Mediocre       Series 3 Longscan    
Reliability               Great          Level 6 Repair Suite 
Maximum Speed             Mediocre       MkIII Insystem Drive 
Acceleration              Mediocre       MKIII Primary Thrusters 
Maneuverability           Poor           Type 2 Multi-thruster Pack 
Ship Size                 Great          Capship              
Power Plant               Great          Type 6 Fusion Reactor
- Ship Equipment ------------------------------------------------------------
Cargo Hold                Great          Industrial 60K Hold  
Armor                     Mediocre       3CM Hullsteel        
Deflector Shields         Mediocre       Mk3 Deflector Shields

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