The Calliope is a medium freighter, one of several classes stepping in to fill specialized roles left vacant after the faster-than-light-travel woes surrounding the death of the Hivers and the OtherSpace Rings. Highly customizable, its solid all-around performance makes it the medium-duty choice of both legitimate and illicit organizations looking to get by between the stars. Examples of the breed are the VRM Artemis and IND Jackal.

- Tanya's All Worlds Starship Database --------------------------------------
  Calliope Class Specifications                                              
Ship Type:     Civspec Medium Freighter
Ship Cost:     159,984 Credits
- Ship Statistics -----------------------------------------------------------
Computer Rating           Mediocre       MkIII Microframe     
Sensor Rating             Mediocre       Series 3 Longscan    
Reliability               Good           Level 5 Repair Suite 
Maximum Speed             Good           MkV Insystem Drive   
Acceleration              Good           MkV Primary Thrusters 
Maneuverability           Mediocre       Type 3 Attitude Jets 
Ship Size                 Fair           Medium               
Power Plant               Good           Type 5 Fusion Reactor
- Ship Equipment ------------------------------------------------------------
Cargo Hold                Fair           Merchanter 40K Hold  
Armor                     Mediocre       3CM Hullsteel       

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