Cabrerra Industries was the name of both a quasi-legitimate corporate empire and a vast criminal conglomerate run by Boss Cabrerra.

Cabrerra Industries, or CI, was headquartered in Shadowheart on Tomin Kora, in the massive CI building that towered over the cityscape. It included several subsidiary corporations, including the Cabrerra Broadcasting Network (CBN), the Cabrerra Vessel Works, the Tomin Sirocco, the Cabrerra Competitors' Corporation and the Cabrerra Sports Forum. Most of these appeared to be legitimate on the surface, but a wide range of criminal activities were organized under the CI banner as well. Gun running, drugs, assasinations, smuggling, piracy, theft... if it was illegal, CI was involved in it. Members of CI essentially had the run of Shadowheart, and enforced the one law on Tomin Kora while Boss Cabrerra was alive: Don't Cross the Boss.

CI collapsed, literally, with the destruction of the CI building by a joint Sivadian-Vanguard assault in 3003. When the CI tower came down, it destroyed most of CI's personnel and assets, including Boss Cabrerra. Those surviving members of the organization were left behind to pick up the pieces on Tomin Kora, but the company's stock plummetted, and most of its surviving offworld assets were purchased by other companies.

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