The Boromov Crime Syndicate was the criminal empire assembled by the Boromov Family on Ungstir in the years after the defeat of the Kretonians.

After gaining political control of Ungstir, the Boromovs had organized a complex criminal syndicate that controlled all manner of illegal activity on Ungstir and many of the surrounding worlds, stretching all the way into the territory of the Solar Consortium. In particular, the Boromovs built and maintained a sizeable pirate fleet, which they used to capture cargo and resources that were needed for the survival of Ungstir. Ships seized by the Boromov pirate fleet were often painted and re-named and turned over to the Ungstiri militia, or to clients of the Boromov Crime Syndicate like the Free Luna Protectorate. The Boromovs also controlled smuggling, drug, alcohol and weapons trafficking, and bounty hunting over a wide area of space, and employed a complex network of spies, informants, and trained assasins located on many worlds.

While Ungstir was the seat of the Boromov Syndicate, the people of Ungstir remained deliberately blind to its activities. The Boromovs presented an image of being legitimate and peaceful rulers. However, their ability to readily come up with needed resources, ships, and technology to allow the Ungstiri to survive was clearly suspicious even if the Ungstiri chose not to question it. For nearly two hundred years, the Ungstiri people reaped the tangible benefits of the criminal activities of the Boromov family.

After Boromov pirates attacked a Nall cruiser, the Boromov Syndicate was nearly destroyed, and was forced to flee Ungstir in the face of a Nall invasion. It later relocated to Tomin Kora and merged with its former rival, Cabrerra Industries.

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