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The Bluenose Bar and Grille is a tavern and dining establishment located in New Paris, La Terre


Bluenose Bar and Grille

The Blue Nose is arguably the most popular place on the entire boardwalk. Although looking more like an officer's mess than a bar, the Blue Nose is always packed with dozens of New Paris denizens partaking in numerous night-life activities.
Along one wall runs a bar made of a black metal with a diamond mesh and a cherrywood top. Behind the bar stands the bartender and his assistants as well as neon shelves of varying heights bearing all sorts of alcoholic and unfermented beverages. Opposite the bar is an open kitchen with an enormous open flame grill, and the cooks work with such flourish that their cooking is known as one of the many attractions. Between the bar and kitchen, centered on the wall opposite the entrance, is a well lit, elevated stage which stands just ahead of a large square dance floor. Positioned around the dance floor between the food preparation areas are various places to sit.

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