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  • Sweetaltina

    Here's some of my thoughts as I went through playing Legends of the Jedi (LOTJ) a multiplayer roleplaying game (MUD). I'm by no means saying any of these things need changed. I'm just an organized crazy person who always puts things into charts of likes/dislikes (pros/cons/t-charts) to guage if I should stay or not. I debated whether or not to post this cause I know how many people are going to HATE hearing things I dislike… cause I'm insulting their baby… yeah I get it. :P Just read it with a grain of salt cause I'm just giving the perspective of a girl who started playing this game 2-3 months ago. I've played Muds over 20 years now, even pay per month ones so I'm trying to just show you what a new person might feel/need in a hope that ma…

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  • Marlina Sutandi

    What occurred in the reader's mind about the blind? Maybe some readers think with visual impairments relate to the profession as a masseuse or a beggar. In fact we see often among those with one eye. In fact the only blind people do not have the abilities that's it. Even the blind often have the skills or capabilities not normal people in general. Such as playing a musical instrument, a sport athlete, broadcaster and much more.

    They deserve to get the same rights as people in general. So also in terms of education, what can be given to normal people we should try to give to people with visual impairment. As in the PKMM activities, we had the idea to make a comic science for the blind. The goal for the blind people to know 'comics "they are …

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  • Marlina Sutandi

    "The sense of sight is a catcher sensory information with the highest proportion, ie 83%" (Sunanto Juang, 2005: 47). This fact brings great influence in people's lives. Hence the sense of sight is the catcher of information with the highest proportion, then a lot of the information currently provided visually. However, it should be realized is that our world is not just made up of individuals who can see. Our world is also composed of individuals who are limited or even not be able to see (blind). Thus, this fact leads us to an important question: How can they also be able to obtain the information they are supposed to get? This article will shed light on the role of information in the field of education and the methods that can be done to…

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