In the Terran Standard Year 2089, the Demarian Space Militia faced the assault of the Nall Clawed Fist Fleet. The Militia, commanded by a Demarian named Altheor Offspring of Olark and Decra, engaged the Nall in what would become known as the Battle of Opposing Suns (so called because it came at a time when Demaria was passing between the binary stars of Demaria Major and Minor). The Clawed Fist Fleet emaciated the Demarian Militia defenders, and was prepared to eradicate the flagship Honor Bound when Altheor ordered his engines to overload sequence and moved within blast range of the Nall vessels. The ensuing explosion killed Altheor and all those remaining aboard the Honor Bound, but it also wrecked the Nall flagship and crippled or destroyed its escort vessels. Rebuked, the Nall retreated, never again making a strike against the Demarians in the home system.

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