Athena Exploration Service is available for a variety of jobs, including scientific exploration and humanitarian aid.

General information Edit


The Athena Exploration Service was formed by Marlan Ranix when she gained possession of the UKT Athena (now designated GMF). The AES comissioned the construction of a new freighter VRM Artemis in the autumn of 2005. The offices of the Service are located in Resilience, Ungstir. In late 3006, the Athena was run off of Ungstir by an angry mob of disgruntled men and women who feared the influence of the Kamir through the Athena's absent Captain, Marlan Ranix.

Timeline Edit

February 3004 CE Commodore James Aubery, spokesman for the Royal Naval Service, announces that an RNS crew aboard the HMS Formidable has successfully recovered the UKT Athena near Tomin Kora. The ship had last seen when Captain David Ransom Porter lead a force of Royal Marines in an attack on Tomin Kora nearly four months ago. The ship was apparently being maintained by two Lotorians, a weasel-like race from the other side of the nexus brought to this universe by the VES Minerva. The Athena was returned to the planet Ungstir and released to the care of Dr. Marlan Ranix, one of several former Athena crew members who assisted in the recovery. Plans for the Athena are unknown at this time.
May 3004 CE Archaeologist Stephen Sixmoon announces he is chartering the UKT Athena, for his search for the lost Kamir world of Palisade.
June 3004 CE The UKT Athena is reported destroyed while on a mission in the Tomin Nebula to track down the lost Kamir world of Palisade. It is a mystery why the Athena plotted a course so close to the star.
July 3004 CE The UKT Athena, is spotted landed near the wreckage of the toppled landing aerie in the domed city of Tomin Kora, with a damaged spindrive. No word on what happened to the ship during those missing days or on whether Professor Stephen Sixmoon's quest to find the lost world of Palisade yielded any results is ever released.
July 3004 CE The presence of the UKT Athena incites war in the cavern city of Ikikir. At least two factions within the powerful Odarite Merchants Guild, who had been at odds with each other for more than a month over information relating to the location of the lost Kamir world of Palisade, erupt into violence, shortly after the arrival of the UKT Athena. A faction of guilders known as the T'rzkrkf, or "Gatekeepers," surround the Athena and search for evidence of Kamir technology from Palisade. Then Odarites from a faction called the Yk'tkr'mk, or "Seekers," confront the T'rzkrkf. Fighting ensues and the Athena narrowly escaped Odari during the conflict.
July 3004 CE Y'krnkrf, a surviving leader of the Odarite Merchant Guild faction known as the T'rzkrkf, or "Gatekeepers," announces that the source of tension between the Gatekeepers and the Yk'tkr'mk, or "Seekers," has been destroyed. A map to the lost Kamir world of Palisade, which had been sought by the Athena and the offworlder academic known as Sixmoon, was immolated in a guild furnace.
November 3004 CE G'ahnli officials announce the trial of three crewmembers of the UKT Athena. Marlan Ranix, the Athena's captain, ordan Roth and Renkek Kashaan, two crewmembers, are charged with breaking the contract between the Ydahri colonists of Brrahlo and their G'ahnli financiers, Ulbahno Investment Banking Concern. After several hours an undisclosed settlement is reached after the magistrate presiding over the case refused the Athena's lawyer's request to dismiss it. A search of G'ahnli records reveals that the UKT Athena has been transferred to G'ahnli registry, suggesting that the vessel's ownership may have changed hands.
November 3004 CE A bar brawl between patrons of Rockhopper's and the Athena's crew reveals that Dr. Marlan Ranix, Athena's Captain is psionic. Reports from the bar indicate that Ranix's eyes glow a bright blue and that she prevented a falling hammer from hitting a member of her crew. The incident fuels rumors and speculation that have been circulating following an incident in which a Mystic crewmember of the Athena was badly beaten after allegedly psionically assaulting an Ungstiri dockworker. Reports from that incident point to a discussion regarding Ranix's telepathic status as the cause of the attack. Ranix denies telepathy but admits to other psionic abilities, comparing herself to a Timonae. Despite this, the unusual nature of her abilities (psionic abilities were believed to be impossible in Ungstiri) remain a source of interest. Lester Haskins announces a reward for anyone able to deliver the DNA of a psionic capable human.
3004 CE An inquiry regarding the whereabouts of Nalia's Ashes by the Athena crew causes the Overmind to malfunction and create PRTR-001, an amalgamation of data on former Minerva captain David Ransom Porter.
January 3005 CE Marlan Ranix, captain of the starship Athena is kidnapped aboard a vessel called the Unbroken Circle by Ferdinand Glengarry Magellan Cottonswill - a.k.a. "Vampire." Ranix was kidnapped so that she could be delivered to Doctor Lester Haskins aboard the Tomin Sirocco so that he might acquire the captain's genetic material for study.
July 3005 CE Elements of the AES along with elements of the HMS Indefatigable, under the command of Earl Cochrane spend over a week in the Nialesian jungle searching for Surgeon-Commander John P. Lind, famed Sivadian physician. Together the two groups find and negotiate the release of Lind who is later promoted to Surgeon-General of Sivad.
August 3005 CE The PHS, GMF Athena, and John Lind join efforts to discover a cure for a new strain of the TRV virus that has been unleashed by Volari. An agreement is struck between the Overmind and PHS allowing a planet to become infected to grab an unmutated version of the virus for a cure. With cure in hand, the Athena raced back to Demaria. Betrayed from within by their former Quartermaster SharpTongue, the Athena's quest almost ends prematurely. Nontheless, with a little luck, they make it to Demaria and begin the process of dispersing the cure, all the other planets following in short order.
August 3005 CE The AES announces plans to expand operations to include shipping and private transport centers. Applications are solicited for positions aboard the AES' new and as of yet unnamed Calliope class freighter.
September 3005 CE Data acquired by the crew of the GMF Athena suggests that the Strategic Retreat, the ship used by the nefarious Vollistan Light Singer Volari, is bound for Phyrria after refueling aboard the stolen ISS Orphic. The Athena and the Wolfsbane, along with fighter elements of the Phyrrian Decimator Fleet proceed to Phyrria, attack the Strategic Retreat, damag its cloaking device and ultimately destroy the vessel that has been used for months by Volari to terrorize the known worlds. Sensor scans show fifteen dead Nall and a single dead Demarian amidst the wreckage of the ship, but no sign of a Vollistan Light Singer. DNA tests later performed confirmed the identity of the dead Demarian to be that of former Athena Quartermaster, SharpTongue SandwalkerThe. Overmind orders all "sentient organics" to refrain from entering Phyrrian sovereign space.

Crew roster Edit

note: Crewmembers may be temporarily assigned to other locations as necessary.

Athena Edit

  • Doctor Radinov Gan Bykovsk (Medical)
  • Security Officer Crelsk
  • Recruit Gildar Hess (Security)
  • Business Officer Renkek Kashaan (Contracts)
  • Yeoman Kastaprulyi (Internal Communications, Secretarial)
  • Helmsman Newt Panderyn
  • Captain/Doctor Marlan Ranix

Artemis Edit

Resilience Office Edit

  • Psionic Doctor Hezekiah
  • Historian Volidana

OOC information Edit

The player behind Marlan Ranix is constantly seeking new players who display a determination to create interesting roleplay.

Captain Marlan Ranix, M.D. is something of an unusual leader, to say nothing of the Cherenkov blue glow in her eyes (don't ask). She will accept any crew who pull their weight, show trustworthiness, and are well worth any trouble they may cause. The AES, despite its name, has taken on humanitarian missions at least as often as exploration ones. These missions must be just and necessary, though they are occasionally not quite legal. Discipline is generally loose, but one of the rare orders is definitely an order.

Marlan's player will try to take on just about any character whose player wants in, provided they can show some work ethic and a "clean enough" record (or fake one). Roleplay on the Athena comes in as wide a variety as the characters aboard it and their motivations for being there. Expect a fair amount of day-to-day chats with the crew and residents at the ports of call (such as the home office in the RP-hotspot Ungstir). The diversity in the crew's backgounds often leads to interesting little conflicts, both on- and off-duty. Between missions, the captain will try to create a touch of long-term drama, but don't expect to be spoon-fed your roleplay. Missions (should you choose to accept them) tend toward a mix of drama and mystery with a definite element of danger. Marlan's player is quite amenable to IC excuses for one's character being in or out of a mission, as you prefer. The Athena or her crew have often managed to get entangled in Arc Events.

To summarize: diversity, drama, dedicated comrades

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