Lady Ashley Emilia Isherwood-Sutherland later Queen Ashley, is the Queen Consort of King Richard I of the Kingdom of Sivad. Prior to her marriage she was, in her own right, first Baroness Isherwood-Sutherland. Ascended to the throne upon the believed death of King Richard on 19 January 3005, crowned on 29 January 3005, though her reign was later declared a regency and her acts ratified by the Act of Settlement.

Winner of gold medal in Show Jumping, 3002 Pangalactic Olympic Games. Believed murdered on 3 August 3003, but in fact imprisoned on Portmeirion by Wallace Marbury.

Only daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William Isherwood-Sutherland, cousin of former First Councillor, the late Constantine Isherwood.

Created first Baroness in 3002, following accession of King Richard I. Her official residence is Isherwood House in Enaj, Sivad. She also maintains a household at Westshire Manor, Westshire.

She was married to King Richard I in a state wedding at St. Thomas Cathedral on 6 March 3004. It was announced in June of 3005 that Her Majesty was pregnant. Queen Ashley was rushed into surgery on 15 January 3006 for complications in her late-term pregnancy. The following morning she gave birth to twins: the heir, his Royal Highness Prince Albert John Franklin Arthur Isherwood, and Her Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth Mary Paulette Victoria Isherwood.

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