Aniger-on-Nova is a city on Sivad on the island of Aniger approximately four thousand kilometres northwest of Enaj. The city is located on the Nova River. It is the largest city on the island and its economic hub, with a population of approximately 750,000 (not including Specialists). The island is currently represented on the Council of Equals by Geoffrey Cruyer.

Economy Edit

Aniger-on-Nova is home to several large Sivadian firms, including in particular Grey-Bambury Pharmaceuticals and AnigerBioNova. Many national law and accounting firms have local branches, as do all the major national merchant banks.

Education Edit

Aniger-on-Nova is home to the University of Aniger-on-Nova, a second-tier "red brick" Sivadian university without the prestige of the "Ynajian" universities (University of Enaj and the University of Ynos)

History Edit

In early 3005, Il Pomodoro's — a popular Italian restaurant — burnt down under mysterious circumstances. A new restaurant, Sabatini's, was subsequently established there, though under different ownership.

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