In Character InformationEdit

Andrew Long, born 2977, is best known for his widely spread economic interests throughout the Orion Arm. This is achieved primarily through various holding companies held exclusively by him.

Other accomplishments on his part include: Preventing a potential assassination attempt on former Sivadian First Councillor Amanda Ramlan by Paul Moncrief on Sivad; The peaceful apprehension of alleged murderer John Wiendrbac on La Terre and assisting in the securing of the Sivadian coalition government that held power throughout the Birthright War.

Minor accomplishments of note by Andrew Long include work for INN (a major news network on Otherspace) working as a political analyst, writing several articles and commentaries on the state of the Sivadian genetically derived industry, and being a known competitor in some poker tournaments held within the Orion Arm.

Out of Character InformationEdit

Andrew Long is a Sivadian industrial leader, and is currently recruiting characters in political, journalistic, and business fields. Most of these characters can expect a fair degree of autonomy in their tasks, thus the roles require motivated players. Contact Long or Sergeytov on Otherspace to inquire about these positions.

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