Amethyst Operations started as a commercial partnership between Selyf Tresillian and Dement Volerann, created to support both the Vroomhopper Team Red Branch and to run both the UKT Seek and You Shall Find and the UKT Teamhair. If interested in joining the company, please contact Dement via @mail.

General information Edit

AOP logo

The AOP Logo.

Amethyst Operations is owned by Selyf Tresillian and Dement Volerann and was co-founded by the crewmembers RTO-01A and Goldenfur Gadgettweaker. A meer discussion in the UKT Teamhair wardroom lead to the decision that a Farseeker class vessel would be bought and the new business venture Amethyst Operations would be created. Though both the Phyrrian and the Demarian were a part of the creation, only Tresillian and Dement had the adequate funds to go into business.

Crew roster Edit

Note: Crewmembers may be temporarily assigned to other locations as necessary.

UKT Seek and You Shall Find Edit

UKT Teamhair Edit

The UKT Teamhair is being crewed by the former Haste crew.

  • Captain Ruin (former Haste captain, rented the Teamhair for his crew)

Past Employees Edit

OOC Information Edit

The members of AOP are all interested in developing new technologys and working on general sciences. Currently, AOP is looking for new crewmembers, this could range from Security Officers, Doctors to the more specific hunt for researchers in General Sciences, Biology and other IC ideas that can be encorperated.

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