Akripa is the ancestral homeworld of the people now called the Castori. By 4156 BCE, Akripans had the beginnings of transcontinental radio communication. The nations of Akripa were well on their way toward a unified planetary government when they first learned of the Centaurans in 4059 BCE. Peaceful relations between the worlds continued until 4026 BCE, when the introduction of Centauran technologies finally caused a political struggle to erupt in civil war for one of the Akripan nations. Centauri subsequently broke off relations and had deported all Akripan visitors from its world by 3975 BCE. Akripa went on to develop its own interstellar flight over the next millenium, which many of the Akripans used when they later fled to Castor.

A smaller, more primitive remnant of the Akripan civilization was discovered in 2651. This group was ruled by a rather crazy Demarian who turned out to be the missing Imperator Dawnfur Morningstar. Also discovered on Akripa was the Akripan Ring technology.

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