MU* Name: After the Fall: Mutants 2021

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In 2005 the Mutant Registration Act was voted into place by the recently elected World Government Council. Ten years later the first of the Mutant Containment Units was opened in California. It was then in 2015 that Mutants were not only required to be registered but they were also required to relocate to a secure facility for not only the protection of normal humans from this unchecked genetic disease but also to protect the mutants from those humans who would have them completely wiped from the Earth.

As more and more mutants were discovered and mutants continued to prove themselves a threat, the anti-mutant sentiment became increasingly popular, the effects of Black Sunday far from forgotten. Two more containment units were opened in those years. The fourth, and last unit to open was that of Ander's Landing, located in Koeho, New Mexico. Its doors officially opened in 2021. This was to be a youth facility...

Will you play a new mutant fresh in her powers, or will you play a mutant that knows the harsh realities of the world all to well? Maybe you want a normal to torment and poke fun at the mutants? All are needed! The year is currently 2021.

At this time we will be accepting student applications ONLY. No adult mutants (over the age of 18 or graduated) will be accepted until the school is populated.

There have been a few changes made in the recreation which will be explained further upon your return. The time has been set back to the year 2021. We are currently accepting ONLY highschool aged PCs that are ATTENDING highschool (this means no dropouts). Any applications that were made though the website are still on file with the staff. If you would like to received a copy of your application please email me at with your request (make sure to include the character name) and I will forward a copy to the email noted in the application.