Adventures Unlimited


Telnet: port 5005

AU is a text based, multi-user dungeon (MUD) set in the fantasy world of Tharel. This mud started in 1998 and officially opened in early 1999. It is based on the ROM2.4b6 codebase but has many coded features not available with the stock distribution.

Based in the land of Tharel, players have the opportunity to experience the world as one of nine different classes, and 16 different races. All character classes have abilities unique to that class. The mythos of Tharel provides 17 unique gods and goddesses, with a temple dedicated to the worship of each deity. Characters may freely choose their religion. Religious beliefs in the world of Tharel are the reason for many conflicts and the basis of roleplay for the majority of the playerbase.

The land of Tharel contains over 17,000 rooms, of which 80% or more are original. Player killing is optional. Roleplay is encouraged, however, within the player killing system roleplay is enforced.

This MUD appeared to be ACTIVE at last check.