"Action stations" describes a state of readiness in which the ship is prepared to go into battle. When the captain calls for action stations, the sound of marine drums and the bosun's call for "action stations" will be heard throughout the ship.

When the sound is heard, all officers and crew must proceed immediately to their assigned action stations. For officers, these action stations are assigned based on their rank aboard ship or, in cases in which two officers have the same rank or in which an officer is missing or incapacitated, seniority.

Captain: Bridge
1st Lieutenant: Bridge (Helm station)
2nd Lieutenant: Bridge (Engineering station)
3rd Lieutenant: Bridge (Signals officer)
4th Lieutenant: Gun deck (Port guns)
5th Lieutenant: Gun deck (Starboard guns)
6th Lieutenant: Gun deck (Torpedos)
7th Lieutenant: Engineering
8th Lieutenant: Messenger (serves at standby on the bridge)

In the event that an officer is injured at his action station and is unable to continue, the next lieutenant in the line will replace him and all officers will take the next highest action station if it is practicable to move. Otherwise, the commanding officer may order another officer to take the place of the injured officer.

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