4 Dimensions

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Think you're smart? Then try 4 Dimensions, a Time Trave Mud, with 4 different worlds to explore; Prehistoric, Medieval, Old West and Future. Over 170 all original zones, full of built-in quests. You can use all five senses in this mud, and sometimes you need a sixth to get along too. 4D is a Mud where the smart players prevail rather than the power players.

The 4D Travel Agency has added lots of features, designed to make mudding easier, more fun and safer for the players. Among other things can be mentioned:

- totally free to play - no 'Donation equipment'

- extremely newbie friendly, with a customised Mud school

- many easy zones for new players

- but also many extremely hard zones, for the long-time experienced players

- an advanced remort system with 4 tiers for each Class

- lots of unique skills, spells and subskills

- an alias system, so you don't have to type out all commands

- lots of interactive mobiles, many of them part of different Quests

- special currencies, acquired only by questing and trading

- crashproof Player Houses, Personalised equipment, pets and transport items

- mounts that you can ride and load

- vehicles and ships that you can drive/sail/fly yourself

- ferries, trains and space ships that take you to remote places.

- several types of ranged weapons and explosives

- a unique poison code. You can poison your weapon to inflict extra damage

- antidotes to the poisons - at least most of them...

- extra features in the zones - listen, smell, taste, feel, climb ladders etc.

- you can also look behind, above and under objects in the rooms

- nice features, like Speedwalk and NoBattleSpam and many others

- you can date, get engaged, married and divorced, have children

- a Roleplay option for those so inclined

- several Trades to choose from if you get tired of killing

- a very extensive list of funny and original Socials

- an IGNORE command, that allows you to shut off annoying players

- several Clans to choose from, both good, neutral and evil

- optional PK, you can choose between mudding in peace and become a PKiller.

This MUD appeared to be ACTIVE at last check.